On March 18, 2003, I created a site on Tripod. It actually wasn't too bad for a Tripod site, and EMPTV looked very similar to it for a while.

On October 26, 2003, Kotik offered to host my site. It remained there until April 24, 2004, when my dad purchased the emptv.com domain for my birthday, and I was unable to use it on my current host.

When he heard about my situation, seb offered to host me. His host went down a bit more often than usual, but for the most part everything was good. Except for one time when the site got reverted to an old version after a major server move. (Always keep backups.) After leaving ABS on June 10, I created Framework, which grew rapidly and ate half of my host's monthly bandwidth in 13 days. A move was necessary.

After hearing about that, Sinner, who runs LuniticFringe, offered to host me. His webhost at the time was Memset/Miniserver. It suffered DDoS attacks from Korean botnets and went down almost daily. We tried using PortSentry, which didn't work very well and at one point actually blocked me from accessing the site. Memset did nothing to stop the DDoS attacks, even when asked. I would recommend never buying anything from them.

On August 2, Sinner moved the site to 1and1. Despite the lack of DDoS attacks, they were far worse than Memset. In FTP, LIST, RETR, and STOR took 15 seconds. Consequently, any operations in PHP that involved reading or writing files took 15 seconds. Consequently, every page on the site took 15 seconds to load. Furthermore, MySQL wouldn't work, and 1and1 refused to do anything about it. Adrohak fixed the problem after a week. And then it just started going down intermittently, for no reason. And it continued to do the 15-second page loads. This continued until August 21, when the site was down for 8 hours straight. I would recommend never, ever doing business with 1and1. Tell your friends.

At this point, Jaketeck, who runs Ninjasquad.org, noticed my plight, and offered to host me. His host is the best one we've had so far. Thanks Jaketeck!